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the making of the buzz brand

Our story starts with a great coffee and a chance meeting, as many great stories often do. I was having a coffee and working at my favourite café, as I usually am, and a confident woman in a red suit with a radiant personality approached me and we instantly recognized one another. As we spoke, Virginia mentioned that she was familiar with the work I do and was curious about my thoughts on branding for a venture that she had recently launched so we decided to meet the following week to start our discussion.

We met and talked about Buzz; a one of kind, online, future-forward community designed to enrich the real estate industry. My advice for the Buzz brand was that it was best to let it live for some time and observe how the Buzz community, and its verticals, take shape. Once it had developed a clearer persona, we would have the right direction for the emerging brand.

In this time, The Buzz Conference and it’s verticals became highly successful and sought after Online events, live conferences, and social networks saw unprecedented growth, and their impact was unparalleled. In 2023, we felt that the time was right to revisit the branding conversation and begin positioning the Buzz brand for what it had become — World Class, Noteworthy and Highly Impactful.

Our inspiration for the Buzz brand is its ethos and the core elements that define the essence of Buzz.

Buzz is bold, real, energetic, and smart. It’s also not afraid to make waves and shake things up a bit so we wanted to create something that felt memorable and relatable - like the newspaper that used to be delivered to your front door - classic in design, consistent in format, stories gathered from everywhere and all found in one place. Buzz is also reliable and trustworthy, but we wanted to add the edge of vanity fair - cultural intuition, in-depth reporting and memorable profiles of the movers and shakers of the real estate industry.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Buzz journey, excited to see it evolve, and thankful for our chance coffee encounter.

Sabaina Malik, Founder and CEO of M Industries