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Karen Kininsberg

Meet the voice behind the words that captivate our audience and breathe life into our clients’ stories— Karen Kininsberg, is the lead copywriter of the Buzz Digital Magazine. With a rich background in business management from King’s College London and Human Resources from Brunel University, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to our team. Her expertise isn’t just academic; she’s also a seasoned speaker, having taught “Communication, Awareness, & Leadership” at Solvay Business School Brussels’ MBA Program and written and delivered speeches and adult training programs at small and large events.

As a certified Integral Development Coach, she has a profound understanding of personal and professional development, strategic psychotherapy skills, and the art of communication – speaking 7 languages at varying fluency. This unique background enables Karen to craft content that resonates deeply with audiences, turning complex ideas into compelling narratives. Her passion for writing shines through in every project she undertakes, whether it’s ghostwriting, creating engaging blog posts, or developing content, Karen ensures that every piece is imbued with authenticity and tailored to reflect your brand’s voice.

Living in Greater Toronto, Canada, with her two daughters and beloved Chihuahua, Che, she finds inspiration in the everyday moments. Driven by language and stories, in a world where expressing thoughts and emotions clearly and effectively is key, Karen stands ready to transform your ideas into impactful messages. Let her take the reins, so you can focus on what you love, confident in the knowledge that your content is in expert hands.

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