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Buzz Spotlight illuminates remarkable individuals who are leaving a lasting impact in the real estate arena. Our objective is to feature outstanding professionals who personify innovation, expertise, and unwavering dedication to simplify and create efficiencies within our industry. Whether they are visionary leaders finding success in platforms or trailblazing Proptech Founders, we take pride in celebrating their achievements and contributions, providing a glimpse into the brilliance propelling the Canadian real estate industry forward. Join us as we showcase these Proptech Founders, Coaches, and REALTORS® finding success in such platforms, and those who stand out the crowd, in the Buzz Spotlight, contributing to excellence and shaping the future of real estate.


1.5 Hour Buzz Virtual Spotlight
1 Youtube Recording
1 Two Page Editorial Feature in BUZZ Digital Magazine
2 Social Media Posts
2 Social Media Stories
Inclusion in Email Campaigns to Database

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