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Isabella Munden

Isabella Munden is an creative Entrepreneur who  serves as the President of Buzz Buzz Media Inc. and holds the position of Director of Marketing & Media Relations for the Company. She joined Buzz in 2019 and has made significant contributions to its success by combining her strengths and building strong relationships with boundless creativity.

Isabella, a Bachelor of Arts Graduate at Wilfrid Laurier University, has effortlessly turned her love for upscale magazines into a gratifying profession as the Founder & Creator of BUZZ Digital Magazine, acknowledged as Canada’s foremost Real Estate Magazine. Taking pride in her position, she also directs and organizes The Buzz Conference, conscientiously from crafting client experiences to fine-tuning event particulars. Her affable and welcoming demeanour not only enriches attendee experiences but also ensures effective communication with both existing and new sponsors, speakers and special guests. Storeys Publishing named her one of the youngest leaders in Canadian Real Estate doing BIG things.

Known for her quiet, compassionate and respectful nature, Isabella listens to understand, not simply to respond.

The Voice of Canadian Real Estate