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Welcome to QB & The Queen Bee Bursary Effect. Queen Bee is proud to stand as Canada's first female Conference for the Real Estate Industry. We hosted our very first Event in 2014 as WOM, Women On the Move with OREA as our very first Sponsor. Our QB Community of Women is one we are committed to and this year in 2024, we have made a significant change. Our last Event in 2023, at Liberty Grand, Toronto, In Bloom, presented a very strategic, inspiring, and impactful day, featuring both established and emerging female leaders within the Canadian Real Estate space. This empowering gathering was designed to foster growth, helping Women blossom into the best version of themselves both personally and professionally. This year in 2024, we have decided to pass the torch onto Women who are also leading the way to create spaces for Women in business. We are so proud to offer 10 Bursaries to these Women for their events through our QUEEN BEE BURSARY EFFECT.

At Queen Bee, we take pride in collaborating and showcasing Women with inspiring stories - stories of success, perseverance and pride. We are immensely proud of all their achievements. As collaborative partners, we strive to support Women in every possible way.

Stay connected with us at @QueenBeeSummit on Instagram for updates and insights.


QB Bursary ( offered to select Female Led Businesses )
QB Collabs with Female Led Businesses
QB Spotlight in BUZZ Digital Magazines
QB Spotlight at BUZZ Events & Conferences
QB Speaking Engagements for Female Empowered Events
QB Keynote for Women's Empowered Events - To Be Or Not To Be, That is the Answer.
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